So, I was in Coffee Shop this morning (shh. I know they're evil, but they're the only decent coffee shop between School and work, so I grudgingly give them my money. Yeah, that's it. I grudge it. Every last penny. Honest.)... and the conversation went something like this.
Pak Lah: Yes, what would you like, mate? (Mate?!? hmmph.)Me: Can I have an Kopi Jantan without the syrup please?PL: Sure. The iced one?Me: Yes.PL: *pause* Does it taste ok without the syrup?Me: Yes, it doesn't need the syrup.PL: Are you sure?Me: Yes.PL: I've never tried it without the syrup.Me: It's just extra sugar that's not needed.PL: The syrup is sweet? Me: Yes.PL: *picks up an Kopi Jantan cup and squirts some of the plain syrup into it before sticking his finger in and tasting it* Hmm. You're right, it is sweet.Me: *rolling my eyes just a little* Yeees, syrup is just pure sugar.PL: I didn't know that... I thought plain syrup was just syrup with no sugar in it.Me: Oooookay.PL to his colleague: Did you know that the plain syrup was sugar?Me: *eye roll*
The Pak Lah then tried to cover his embarrassment by chatting me up, or at least what passes for chatting up in London, which usually amounts to asking me where I'm from, or remarking that I'm not from round here, and then when I say where I'm from, they remark that they've been there once, and they really liked it. Like that will make a difference.
Part 1

Conversation happened among with proprietor coffee shop ( Pak Lah ). Conversation happened in nearby coffee shop with my workplace. We talk on coffee without syrup and on sense syrup. Conversation takes place for 15 minutes. Although I no enjoyed being on coffee shop, I go for real situation in the environment coffee shop. At that time there are many customers was in coffee shop. Even so I only talk with Pak Lah.

Part 2

Conversation started by Pak Lah. Him try convince me about what I wanted. He had given plenty of time for me think. In these circumstances he had given opportunity for my will, for example it, Pak Lah stops said and give time me musing.

I many use nonverbal communication. For example I turn eyes when asked by Pak Lah. At the time that besides him many uses body bleeps as smile and gymnastics given convince me.

Distance of between I with Pak Lah is in intimate distance. State features a lot warmth that enables communication happened effectively.

Part 3

By overall, my conversation with Pak Lah have been successful. Although in the initial stage conversation, we try to give and express intention respectively. Pak Lah unconvinced with my message, even so to end up him really understand my will.

Although environment that kind of noise, we can communicate well with because distance and language used clear and orderly.

Personally, I think conversation in particularly successful coffee shop if topics discuss no cover outside field as relation politics and economy. If conversation only revolving to brazier, type of food and food taste, it it are easily understood between the two split side.

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