Make sentences to show the difference in meaning between the words in each pair.

i. Sometimes; some time

I sometimes have to work late

It was some time before they managed to turn alarm off.

ii. All together; al together

Right men, all together now … push!

An old custom that was vanished al together.

iii. Time; times

Play it really loud this time.

Then you times that that by 1000.

iv. Through; thorough

She smiled at him as he walked through the door.

The police investigation was very thorough.

v. Spite; in spite of

She broke it just out of spite.

Siti loved her husband in spite of the fact that he drank to much.

2. Compose sentences to show the difference in meaning between the word in each pair.

i. Compliment; complement

Being compared to Ali is a great compliment.

The dark red walls complement the red leather chairs.

ii. Passed; past

He gave me smile as he passed.

Study some past exam papers to get an idea of the questions.

iii. Bail; bale

Some local businesses have offered to bail out the museum.

A bale of straw.

iv. Literary; literally

A literary style of writing.

The Olympic Games were watched by literally.

v. Vain; vein

Men can be just as vain as women.

She felt the blood racing through her vein as they kissed.

3. Underline the correct answer

i. The cattle are grazing / glazing in the field.

ii. Ally is keeping a dairy / diary to record his activities.

iii. I cannot bare / bear this pain any longer.

iv. The head boy who is a prefect / perfect scored 12 as in his examination.

v. The windows pains / panes have to be shut during the storm.

Learning New Words in Categories and Phrases

In each of the following groups, one word does not belong. Underline the word. To explain your answer, describe the category of the other words. The firs one is dine as an example.

Example: The word fast does not belong. The other three words describe kinds of weather.

1. hot cold fast wet

2. sick tired depressed prepared

3. rest enjoy throw relax

4. lake river bay geyser

5. park acre forest field


2. The word prepared does not belong. The other three words describe kind’s condition of person.
3. The word throw does not belong. The other three words describe how to spend our kinds of leisure time.
4. The word geyser does not belong. The other three words describe kinds of a water body.
5. The word acre does not belong. The other three words describe kinds of places with vegetation.

Follow the instruction for each of the following items:

1. Circle the kinds of weather

Wind attack rain flower snow storm humidity

2. Draw a box around the places

Umbrella California hill province Wyoming

3. Put a tick by the living thing

Hiking gear trees insect temperature plant wildlife

4. Underline the kind of scenery

River waterfall mountains campfire solitude forest

5. Cross out the flowers

Cauliflower sunflower okra dandelion morning glory sprouts

Identify the word that does not belong to the group

1. bee, ant, butterfly

2. pair, once, couple

3. knock, feather, wing

4. females, relatives, ancestors

5. cloud, plateau, mountain

6. pollution, environments surroundings

7. butter milk, tea

8. create, damage destroy

9. hail, snow, trap

10. diet, stick out, cut down

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